Warby Parker Timeline
Edun Re-brand
Tiny Feather
Pop Market
Edun Fabric Prints
ALOHA is a food brand that curates the world’s purest, most powerful organic superfood ingredients. The prints I design focus on using the clean layouts and typography to elevate the brand visuals and push the viewer to focus on the ingredients.
ALOHA Packaging
ALOHA is a food brand that curates the world’s purest, most powerful organic superfood ingredients. I utilize different elements from brands cooperated with ALOHA to create customized sleeve for special promotion and campaign.
ALOHA Digital
ALOHA is a food brand that curates the world’s purest, most powerful organic superfood ingredients. The designs I made support the digital marketing strategy across all platform ex: internal emails, Pandora Skin, Instagram post...
Gallerina Off Duty
Gallerina Off Duty 畫廊休假 is a lifestyle blog founded by Vivian Huang & Yvette Yi. Ranging from fashion to food, they share all the inspiring/interesting things in their daily life. This project is the visualization of “Gallerina Off Duty” as a brand that promotes the pursuit of quality and enjoyment in life.
Launched by Lyndsey Butler, Veda setting out to make the perfect leather jacket. The emphasis was on fit and leather of the highest quality; an elegant layer designed to protect against the myriad challenges of modern living. This page contains the blast email, promotion card, brand matchbox, and poster for wild posting.
Tiny Feather
Tiny Feather is a tissue box specially designed to be a bird shape structure, and incorporated the tissue to be part of the bird as tail feather to visually and tangibly bring out the idea of "Tissue is soft as bird's feather."
To pull out tissue, customers need to open the wing, and to keep the tissue clean, they can simply close the wing cap. This transformable shape provides consumers a special and joyful experience while reaching for tissue. Also, since the box opens on the side, consumers won't have to hold the box up side down or reach into the packaging for the last tissue at the bottom of the box.
The packaging allows the regular folding way of tissues inside the box, and has only one dieline.
In London in 1760, James Creed founded the House of Creed which fast became a favorite with the Court of England and soon with Queen Victoria herself. In short time, the Queen appointed the House of Creed as the official supplier of fragrance to the crown and Creed quickly became the fragrance of choice for all the Courts of Europe. Today Creed fragrances are available at the company's own boutiques in Paris and New York as well as at all of the finest department stores around the world.
This page contains the web banners, inserts, blast emails, and invitations I made for the brand.
Hanae Mori
Inspired by the beauty and connection to nature of the Japanese couturier Hanae Mori, the fragrance uses the butterfly as its signature. Sold in all major department stores, its sweet and floral character has attracted a broad, loyal following.
This page contains various design of web banners, blast emails, and gift set for the Butterfly Fragrance.
Edun Re-brand
The Project focuses on refining the original brand ideas and spread the company's mission through various media such as new business card, tag, invitation, CD package, and Edun Post.
By tweaking the original logo and adding new secondary graphic: the triangle, the branding is more complete and telling a more compelling story and spirit.
Oumlil is a fashion brand that provides custom-made garments for high-end profile clients with the cutting edge design and avant-garde materials.
Born and raised in Morocco, the fashion designer Hisham Oumlil's unique culture background provides inspiration for the new identity design. The whole branding developed by using the simple geometric pattern as central idea. The goal is to deliver the simple yet profound atmosphere of the brand to customer.
Pop Market
Pop Market is an online platform provids brands and retailer to build connections and make B-commerce easier. I design the emails layout for different brands to send out to buyers and retailers. I also assist the art director to develop identity system for the company.
Warby Parker Timeline
This timeline project is for Warby Parker's new flagship store in Soho. The 80 feets long panels will be borken into 28 sections and display in the store under heavy glass to fit the library theme of the store.
I design the timeline with Lisa Hedge under the art direction of Anthony Sperduti from Partners & Spade to present the complete history of Warby Parker in a simple clean aesthetics.
SIDEtrek is a digital tool that focusing on both enhancing one's travel experience and spread one's local pride through a platform integrated with social media. The platform is dedicated to make travel planning and sharing fun experience easier and more exciting.
Edun Fabric Prints
The idea of Edun Spring/Summer 2013 is focusing on lightness and utility for women who enjoy trying new style and mixing elements of fashion. I design the prints for farbric with fashion designers of Edun and deliver to printers.
Yang, Shang-Lun
An enthusiastic interactive, motion and graphic designer, who works well in both teams or solo, optimistic, energetic, detail oriented and dedicated to every project for its success
Pratt Institute / New York / 2012
MS Communication Design - Digital Design
Fu-Jen Catholic University / Taiwan, Taipei / 2009
BS English Literature
Designer, La Mer / Apr. 2016 — Present
Supported art directors by conceptualizing their visual directions. Designed various collaterals for print, social media, and visual merchandising. Retouched, organized and released the brand’s campaign visuals.
Junior Graphic Designer, ALOHA / Sept. 2014 — Jan. 2016
Assisted art directors in creating the brand’s editorial, social media and digital collaterals.
Graphic Designer, Arch & Loop / Aug. 2013 — Aug. 2014
Assisted directors and senior designers in their concept development for interactive, editorial and packaging collaterals.
Freelancer, La Mer / Jul. 2013 — Aug. 2013
Worked with art directors on packaging and editorial materials for the brand and assisted in their development for product campaigns.
Freelancer, Laird & Partners / Apr. 2013 — May 2013
Designed presentations for clients, layouts for magazine ads, research for creative concepts, and retouching for brands campaign visuals.
Freelancer, Partners & Spade / Mar. 2013 — Apr. 2013
Executed branding projects, presentation layout design, and final delivery of prints.
Junior Graphic Designer, Edun / Jan. 2013 — Mar. 2013
Handled editorial design for press, internal documents, photo retouching, and site maintenance.
Junior Graphic Designer, Pop-Market / Sept. 2012 — Jan. 2013
Was responsible for campaign emails designs, internal documents, and assisted art director on their branding strategy.
W3 Silver Award
Silver CLIO Award
Bronze Pentaward
The Dieline Award
Gold Spark Award
HOW International Design Award Merit